We Provide Comprehensive Primary
Health Care Services for Patients

It was our mission to create an affordable, accessible, highest quality health care practice with focus on your individualized wellness plan and to build on your relationship with Dr. Bailey – and we’ve succeeded.
  • Acute/urgent care and minor injuries

  • Chronic care management, including hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol management

  • Expert evaluation and monitoring of prescription and OTC medications and potential interactions

  • Advanced testing and monitoring of heart and lung disease, including in-office EKGs

  • Esophageal and colon cancer screening

  • Heart attack and stroke prevention

  • Surveillance for melanomas and skin cancers

  • Advanced dermatologic procedures, including radio frequency surgery and cryotherapy

  • Women’s preventive health care, including annual pap smear exams and mammograms

  • Evaluation and holistic treatment of bone loss and osteoporosis

  • Pregnancy testing and counseling

  • Men’s preventive health care, including advanced care of prostate health and disease

  • Laboratory services including on-site routine blood draws

  • Advanced micronutrient laboratory analysis

  • Nutritional and weight loss counseling

  • Child and adolescent health care

  • Routine adult immunizations and travel medicine services

  • School and sports physicals

  • Smoking cessation

  • In-office strep testing and routine cultures

  • In-office urinalysis

Primary Health Care Services provided by Dr. Robert Bailey