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What is Membership Medicine?

Membership Medicine, or Concierge Medicine, provides access to a wellness team and personal physician dedicated to delivering
the highest level of medical care and personal attention for complete physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Patients pay an annual fee to Bailey Family Medical in return for program services, which includes:

  • an annual private checkup regardless of medical condition or necessity
    enhanced health guidance
  • electronic communication connection with your physician regarding your health information or data
  • assistance with using that data more effectively toward achieving health goals identified based on your annual private checkup.

In addition to program services, there are incidental conveniences associated with program membership. Your physician is no longer dependent on plan-controlled care, so your office visits may be unhurried.

With the private checkup implementation, you will enjoy same day/next day communication. You will also have easy, direct communication with Bailey Family Medical Care via direct phone call to front office during business hours, patient portal, phone messages, emails or text for questions related to healthcare education, patient healthcare support, diet, nutrition, and fitness education goals not covered by your plan. These benefits arise from your physician detaching from plan reimbursement dependence and are enabled by your private fee investment in your health.

Payment Options

Membership Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Click the button below to download the Membership Application in PDF format. Once saved to your computer or device open the PDF file. On Page 1 you need to Inital. Then on the last page you need to fill in the filliable fields Name, Address, Phone, etc., choose a payment plan, and enter in payment information. When you are done filling out the form completely, print the form, sign and date in the highlighted areas on the last page.

Once complete either FAX your application to (480) 860-5005 or MAIL to: Bailey Family Medical Care, 10715 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Suite 107, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Due to security reasons do not email the form to us.

This PDF requires Adobe Reader.
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Benefits of Membership?

An annual, regardless of medical condition or necessity, medical examination or physical checkup (“Private Checkup”).

Enhanced health guidance and electronic communication connection with physician regarding patient health information or data.

Assistance with using that data more effectively toward achieving health goals identified during the annual Private Checkup.

Also, as a result of the physician having a smaller patient panel, in addition to the Program Services, patients may experience;

  • Increased availability including, doctor’s cell phone number for text or call for emergencies.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Minimal time in the waiting room.
  • Appointments routinely start on time.
  • Patient healthcare support regarding diet, nutrition, and fitness goals that may not be covered by patient’s plan.