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with Dr. Robert Bailey

Dr. Bailey listens carefully to each and every concern of the patient and incorporates his expertise to create an effective treatment plan, which includes life style changes and nutrition and medical grade nutritional supplements, before turning to medications and surgery.
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Philosophy of Care

Bailey Family Medical Care, PC has a mission of putting the patient first from the time you first step into the office. Once you to become an established patient to all the continued care provided to you outside the office setting, meeting you the patient along the way in your day to day activities wherever you are and whenever you need care or consultation. Dr. Bailey and his team provide detailed and coordinated care in a loving and caring fashion. They always have time for your questions and concerns.

Dr. Bailey listens carefully to each and every question and concern of the patient and incorporates his expertise, careful evaluation of the evidence in the medical literature and the patient’s value system in making both an accurate diagnosis and in fashioning an effective treatment plan, which includes life style changes and nutrition and medical grade nutritional supplements, before turning to medications and surgery.

Welcome To Your Medical Home

Our personalized healthcare model encourages you to be engaged and take an active role in your own health and wellness.
We act as your Medical Home, a central place for all your healthcare coordination, preventive care and peace of mind.

We Are Always Here For You

When you join our membership medical practice, you will experience a premium wellness “partnership.” The focus will be on your overall health through a special relationship with Dr. Bailey and his medical team as your OWN personal physician who is only working for you!

Attentive, High Quality Care

This intimate relationship will serve to significantly elevate the quality of your care from the very start — beginning with an in-depth establishing consultation and continued follow-up as we work with you toward your specific health goals and objectives.

Detect and Prevent

Spend far more time with Dr. Bailey and team to focus on a personalized wellness plan that emphasizes early detection of disease and prevention of chronic diseases.

Our Mission

A whole person approach for the whole family.
Patients’ feel secure and cared for and consider Bailey Family Medical Care to be their medical home and Dr. Bailey and team as their medical navigator through the maze of a broken and dysfunctional healthcare system in great need of reform.


Doc is always full of info to help to get results in what he does and what I have to do. I feel that he explains everything in depth and it is easy to understand and easy for me to ask questions.

Frieda S.

As usual the visit was thorough an informative. Dr. Bailey took the time to explain in detail the results of my tests, tweaked my medication and suggested ways to improve my health in the future. I was the last appointment of the day and I’m sure if I had more questions Dr. Bailey would have stayed until 8 pm answering them.

Henry V.

I am an eye doctor in Scottsdale, and I have many opportunities to know the primary care physicians in my area. I had the chance to see quite a few of his patients and they all rave about his care. Subsequently, having gotten to know Dr. Bailey, I was so impressed that I switched to have him become my doctor. He is kind, patient, and incredibly thorough. His “routine” physical includes so many valuable assessments (including nutritional blood work), it takes an hour to review them, and he does so methodically. Kathy, who runs his office, is always pleasant and has great follow-through. Having Dr. Bailey as my doctor is like taking a step back in time. While his diagnostic work is very current, well-researched, and cutting edge, his demeanor takes me back to a time when doctors took more time with patients and were interested in the total patient. I recommend him highly and without any reservation.

Dr. Stephen C.

The entire Health Care Team at Dr. Bailey’s medical facility should be commended for their performance during my recent annual physical. Each person contributed to the overall experience. I am always concerned about any abnormalities found but Dr. Bailey puts I all in perspective and his support team members, from the front desk to the medical assistant, are professionals and make me feel like I am special.

Dennis M.

Highly valued session with Dr. Bailey. I have never experienced this level of professionalism, care and help from a health care professional. Dr. Bailey is on the cutting edge of helping his patients lower their risk factors for disease versus just treating the symptoms of disease until they manifest themselves into a difficult if not life-threatening situation. Dr. Bailey, in my view, represents the Doctor of the future and probably the last hope for really dealing with the health care crisis in an effective and brilliant manner. I feel privileged to have the honor of being one of his patients.

Gary S.

I felt so relieved! You have started me on a new journey to health. You LISTENED and came up with a PLAN to address my concerns. I feel for the first time that there was someone Special that would use all of his knowledge, along with his team, to make me a healthier and happier person. I look forward to a long and successful friendship in health.

Margaret J.

Excellent and personalized care. Dr. Bailey listens closely and spends the time to diagnose properly. Thank you Dr. Bailey.

David E.

Dr Bailey is a very caring doctor and takes the time to know you as a person.

Kathy B.

It’s the “prevent defense” that I love-testing for possibilities, addressing any weaknesses, he team of which I am a member-this is a dream medical situation and I thank God someone told me about Bailey Family Medical Care ( a number of years ago. It has only become better with the re-structing so my husband is now enjoying the same relationship also: we have confidence!

Carla H.

As I have repeatedly told my wife, this is the best medical care that I have ever experienced.

Thomas H.

Close, personal attention intending to substantially extend my lifespan. Membership has it privileges, but it’s the medical team that does the research and develops my unique and effective plan to ensure good health.

Dennis N.

Personalized care for every situation.

Find out how you or your loved one can receive comprehensive health care.